What is School Community Council?

The school community council is a group of parents and school personnel that jointly develop a school improvement plan, decide how School Trust Lands funds will be used, and advise the principal on local school issues. We invite any who are interested in having a say in how things are done at Scera Park to become a voting member of the school community council.

When And Where Are School Community Council Meetings Held?

We generally meet 4-5 times a year for about an hour in the school media center. All school community council meetings are open to the public.

Who Can Serve On The School Community Council?

Any parent may participate in the school community council meetings. We have four voting positions for parents and three voting positions for school personnel. Community council terms last for two years and community council positions are filled each fall. If you are interested in serving as a member of the school community council, please call or email Mrs. Bellitti. If there is more than one interested candidate, we will have a simple school community council election to decide who will represent that area.

School LAND Trust Plan

The Final Report for the prior year School LAND Trust Plan is completed online. To view a copy of the Final Report, click the button below. Please review it to be sure it reflects the implementation of the School Plan in the prior year.

Click Here

School Community Council Members

SCC Chair – Shaunee Adams
[email protected]

SCC Vice-Chair – Kim Lefgren
[email protected]

SCC Secretary – Paula Parker
[email protected]

Parent Members
Valerie O’Barr
[email protected]

Grace Rex
[email protected]

Matt Seiter
[email protected]

Kim Leishman
[email protected]

Ashely Axley
[email protected]

School Members
Lori Bellitti
Renae Robertson
Melinda McDanel
Ann Young